SOUTH Ayrshire Council has warned All Under One Banner it could be reported to the police and procurator fiscal because the rally at the end of its march through Ayr today is going ahead without a licence.

Manny Singh, director of operations for AUOB and the named organiser for today’s march and rally, has already been reported to the procurator fiscal. At Glasgow’s May march the council said the event, which drew up to 100,000 participants, did not comply with licence conditions.

AUOB and South Ayrshire Council have been in dispute for weeks over the use of the Low Green adjacent to Ayr Esplanade as the dispersal point and rally venue.

The council issued this statement yesterday: “The march starts at Blackburn car park (at 1.30pm) and finishes at the Low Green.

“The route that was agreed with the police goes from the Esplanade, Pavilion Road, Wellington Square, Barns Street, Dalblair Road, Alloway Street, High Street, New Bridge Street, Sandgate, Wellington Square, Bath Place, Esplanade – Low Green.”

Under the heading “Unlicensed rally” the statement continues: “The march is ending at the Low Green where the crowds can safely disperse in accordance with the route agreed with the police. The council is therefore enabling access to the Low Green to allow the organisers to provide toilets and allow the crowds to be addressed at the end. This access has not been provided for the purpose of staging an event without obtaining the required licences. The organisers have been advised that to do so would contravene the law.

“The council had asked the organisers to obtain a licence when they were made aware of the organisers intention to hold an event at the Low Green after the march. This licence requires an organiser to hold public liability insurance and means the council carries out a number of checks on the safety of matters such as any stages, stalls, stands, food vendors and other forms of entertainment.

“Unfortunately the organisers have confirmed they are not prepared to take out a licence and confirmed they do not hold public liability insurance; this means that any stages, stalls, stands, food vendors, other forms of entertainment have not been checked by the council and could pose a risk to public safety.

“The council offered previously to work with the organisers to fast track any licence applications and waive certain fees but this offer has been declined.”

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AUOB have maintained that the council was given months of notice of the intention to use Low Green which is common good land treated as a park by the council. They say the council first raised objections on June 21.

Manny Singh told The National last night: “We will not be applying for a licence or taking out public liability insurance as we have not had to do that at any of our marches and rallies across Scotland.

“We have held perfectly peaceful rallies in many towns and cities now, and not once has there been any sort of problem that required a licence or insurance.

“South Ayrshire’s stance is against democracy and human rights and we will fight this in court if needs be. Meanwhile the march and rally goes ahead as planned.”