National editor Callum Baird and Paul Kavanagh (aka the Wee Ginger Dug) are back for another Dugcast to talk polls, Tories and fundraisers.

What's the real reason for the Tories withholding a poll on independence – is it that it showed support for a Yes vote at 57%? And, in general, how trustworthy are polls? There are some effective tricks in getting the result you want...

Also making it into the Dugcast this week are the Tory visitors to Scotland.

Theresa May was in Scotland to give a speech on the Union, as she came to the shocking conclusion that the SNP want independence.

Plus, with a leadership hustings in Perth, what question would you ask the Tory leadership candidates? And Callum lets you into the thought process behind ours.

There's more politics too – but don't miss out on a thank-you from Paul!

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