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OVER the course of the past decade, through televised debates and public addresses, Nicola Sturgeon has won plaudits from admirers across the UK.

There is a certain section of English onlookers, however, that struggle to see the good in the leader of Scotland’s pro-independence government.

For them, everything the First Minister does in an egregious act of disrespect towards the Union.

Her latest crime? She failed to curtsy for the Queen – an act the Daily Express deemed worthy of an entire article.

Sturgeon opted for a handshake as the monarch visited the Palace of Holyroodhouse on Wednesday.

Although royal officials state that there is no formal requirement for women to curtsy in the Queen’s presence, Daily Express readers were apoplectic.

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“Rude and discourteous, oh yes that must be Sturgeon then,” read one of the online comments.

Another reply said the break up of the Union would be a small price to pay so long as Sturgeon was in the news less often.

“Ignorant jumped up little woman how dare she be so rude, we all know she think she's someone special but sorry NS you're still are and always will be a nobody to anyone other than yourself,” she said.

“Sooner she gets her 2nd indy vote the better then which ever way its goes we might not have to see her again.”

The SNP’s Westminster group were also dragged into it.

“You only have to look at the scruffy, ill mannered bunch the SNP have sent to Westminster to get an idea what sort people make up the party,” one commenter said.

Next the First Minister was accused of basing her pro-independence stance on a hatred for England, while Scotland was compared to “cancer”. And it wasn’t long until Brexit was brought into the mix.

A reply read: “No surprise there then, she can't show respect to something she hates, England, personally I see Scotland as a cancer, that's [sic] needs cutting out, so let Scotland go it's own way, if that's what the majority vote for in a referendum, I will certainly respect the democratic decision of the Scottish people, but let the remoaners respect the decision of the British people to leave the eu.”

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Another reader added: “I have NO doubt that Nicola Sturgeon would not have a problem snivelling and bowing down to her Grand Masters in the EU.”

It seems Sturgeon’s comments opened some old wounds. “STURGEON is the same as [Andy] MURRAY they both hate the ENGLISH, MURRAY says he supports anyone who is playing against ENGLAND yet some ENGLISH people think he is great when really they are both rubbish,” one commenter said.

The punishment fit for the First Minister’s heinous crime? Dissolving the Scottish Parliament should do it, according to one reader.

“Time to be done with Holyrood,” they said. “The act of Union 1707 is clear, there shall be only one parliament of Great Britain.”

The positive feedback didn't end there. You can read all 400 comments here.

That’ll teach Sturgeon for not doing something she wasn’t required to do.