THERESA May has ordered a review of devolution in a “desperate act” in her final days as Prime Minister.

She will be in Scotland on Thursday on the eve of a Tory leadership hustings to launch the review, which is expected to be led by former Scotland Office minister Andrew Dunlop. May will also warn of the risks a no-deal Brexit will pose to the Union.

The Prime Minister’s review is expected to assess UK Government departments in order to determine if they work in the best interests of devolution. This week is expected to be her final visit to Scotland as PM.

The UK Government claims the review is will look at areas within the UK Government set-up and not at devolved areas.

A senior SNP source told The National: “The trouble with a review is that, if it’s a genuine review, then it can go either way. Can the people of Scotland trust any review by a Tory government at Westminster?”

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The campaigns of Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt – the two men vying to replace her as PM– are said to be furious with the revelation.

Nicola Sturgeon has criticised the move and slammed the outgoing Prime Minister for showing a lack of respect towards Holyrood.

“A desperate act by a Prime Minister who has shown zero respect for the Scottish Parliament during her time in office,” tweeted the First Minister. “It’s for the Scottish people – not a Tory PM – to consider and decide what future we want for our Parliament and country.”

May spent the best part of three years negotiating her Brexit deal with the EU and then trying repeatedly, and failing repeatedly, to get it through Parliament. While doing so she suffered the worst parliamentary defeat of any British prime minister in history.

In June she agreed to step down, paving the way for a leadership contest.

May has reportedly clashed recently with Chancellor Philip Hammond over her determination to spend “billions” on legacy projects.

Scotland’s Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell told The National: “If this is another attempt to kick down the road then the fact is that the Prime Minister has run out of road.”

He later tweeted: “Completely meaningless. She has no influence left and Andrew Dunlop is part of the problem, not part of the solution. They already announced JMC review has got nowhere in 18 months because there is no commitment to change in @GovUK.”