EVER since The National started to expose the sharp practice of retailers who sell Scottish produce under a British Union flag, we have been inundated with examples of what we call Union Jackery.

The latest example is almost beyond belief, because supermarket giant Tesco can’t seem to make up its mind about what is Scottish and what is British.

In a home delivery from Tesco Dumfries, National reader Hamish Sellar received a packet of Tesco finest British strawberries adorned with the Union flag. The label added they were grown in “Angus, UK’ by PJ Stirling.

Yet in the same delivery, Sellar received a pack of Tesco supersweet blackberries with a Saltire flag and a label saying: “Grown in Perthshire, Scotland, by Andrew Barrie.”

Sellar said: “There is no consistency to the display of places of origin. Not only are the strawberries labelled with a Union Jack but there is no mention that Angus, first and foremost, is in Scotland and then, only reluctantly, part of the so-called UK – an insult to Angus and to Scotland.”

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Not only that but Tesco could be losing profits. Ruth Watson, founder of keep Scotland the Brand, said: “Research shows repeatedly that Scottish strawberries and Scottish soft fruits bring the premium prices.

“I’ve had conversations with supermarket buyers and managers who tell me they can sell twice the fruit if it’s labelled as Scottish rather than British.”

Tesco have been asked for comment.