THE BBC has once again attracted the ire of outraged social media users after it was revealed no pro-Remain UK MEPs have featured on Question Time in the last 10 years.

UK MEPs have appeared on the show 50 times over that period, but none were politicians from pro-EU parties.

In total, 45 Ukip and three Conservative MEPs featured on the flagship politics show, as well as one from the Brexit Party, according to information shared by Labour MEP Richard Corbett on Twitter.

Nigel Farage has appeared on the show 22 times as a Ukip MEP, and once after switching to the Brexit Party, the figures say.

Former Ukip leader Paul Nuttall, meanwhile, is shown to have featured 10 times.

No MEP from the SNP, Labour, the LibDems, Greens or Plaid Cymru were included on the Question Time panel during the 10-year period in which EU membership has been regularly debated.

The only pro-Remain MEP to have featured, according to the figures, was Irish politician Mairead McGuinness.

The Fine Gael MEP, who has served as first vice-president of the European Parliament since 2017, is shown to have appeared three times.

BBC bosses recently came under fire after Nigel Farage made his 33rd appearance on the show.

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Twitter users have once again criticised the BBC over perceived impartiality failures.