JEREMY Corbyn has been accused of failing to stand up to Unite boss Len McCluskey after the shadow cabinet delayed making a final decision on the party’s Brexit policy.

Labour’s most senior frontbenchers had been expected to formally endorse backing a second EU referendum in all circumstances when they met yesterday.

But they instead agreed to return to the matter at a future meeting, to give Corbyn time to hold further talks with trade union leaders.

The move came just 24 hours after shadow chancellor John McDonnell said there would be “white smoke” on Labour’s position following the meeting. A majority of unions affiliated to Labour now back a second referendum and for the party to campaign for Remain if a vote takes place.

However, bosses from Unite and the Communication Workers Union both made it clear to the Labour leader that they did not.

It is understood that there were angry scenes during the shadow cabinet meeting, with Corbyn being warned that Labour must get off the fence or continue losing votes to the LibDems and Greens.

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Martin Whitfield, Scottish Labour MP for East Lothian, who backs a second EU referendum, said: “It’s disappointing that the shadow cabinet has not reached an official position on supporting a final say on Brexit, but I remain confident this is just a matter of time.

“The UK Labour Party should follow Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard’s lead and swiftly move to become a party of Remain.

“That is what members and voters are crying out for, and as the prospect of a Boris Johnson premiership and a no-deal exit grows stronger, it is vital that Labour stand up for the poorest in society who will be hurt by Brexit.”

Naomi Smith, boss of the Best for Britain group, which campaigns for a second referendum, said: “Our data shows that Labour must act quickly to back a final say on any form of Brexit, and to campaign for Remain when that vote happens.

“Right now the party is being squeezed from both sides of the electorate. Voters are leaving the party in their droves, with three-and- a-half times more leaving for Remain parties than Brexit-backing ones.

“The shadow cabinet and those around the Labour leader know this. But while they want to take time with this decision, that is not something we have.”

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Last month former Labour Scottish MEP David Martin called for Corbyn to back Remain or stand down as leader.