The National:

DOES this seem like the behaviour of a man we can trust to lead the UK?

Photographs emerged of Boris Johnson with partner Carrie Symonds three days after police were called to their flat when neighbours heard them arguing.

It was a blow for Johnson – reports said he was being told to get out of the flat by Symonds, who, allegedly, also told him he was spoiled.

A new picture shows him sitting happily in picturesque surroundings with his partner. "Boris's show of unity," said the Evening Standard.

Some aren't so convinced, however – and began speculating about whether the circumstances the photograph was apparently taken in aren't quite as they seem.

For instance, many pointed out that Johnson's hair looks different, indicating that this photo may have been taken at an earlier date.

When Boris Johnson had the opportunity to thoroughly debunk this claim on LBC, however, he instead fumbled and equivocated.

Maybe there's something to the conspiracy after all...

If Boris Johnson isn't willing to even tell the truth about when a photo was taken, what else will he be happy to hide?