The National:

BORIS Johnson or Jeremy Hunt. One of those two men will be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. (Writing that never gets less terrifying.)

In the face of Johnson's awful everything, some might be tempted to see the best in Hunt – but the Foreign Secretary has just served up a perfect example of how little the Tories have between them on crucial issues.

You might remember the backlash that hit Boris Johnson after he was reported to have said "f*ck business" when asked about Brexit fears.

The comments apparently came during a Foreign Office reception, and were revealed by EU diplomats.

It's not exactly re-assuring to know that this is the mindset of the man likely to be negotiating Brexit as the next prime minister.

What about his opponent, though?

Well, let's look at what Hunt had to say at Birmingham's Tory leadership hustings.

He said: "Yesterday I was at an amazing company that manufactures steel wheels for off-road vehicles, and they've got about half the European market sewn up.

"Their margins... they employ about 350 people just outside Kidderminster. Their margin's about 4%. A 10% tariff on their products would wipe them out. So there would be an economic impact of no deal.

"If that was the only way to deliver Brexit, then I'm afraid we have to do that, because that's what people have voted for and we are a democracy first and foremost."

We can sum those 40 seconds up quite quickly. Hunt, in effect, said: "F*ck business."

He may use more words than Johnson to say it – but, really, it's the Tories again being willing to force through a disastrous no-deal Brexit at any cost. Oh, and it would hit Scotland hardest.

And let's not even get into the fact that a man who would refuse Scotland indyref2 is pontificating on the UK's "democracy".