Ackley Bridge, C4, 8pm

KANEEZ and Simone anxiously wait for news on Nas and Missy. Sam recruits her cousins to seek revenge, and as the reaction rapidly escalates, a chasm opens between Ackley Bridge’s white and Asian communities, with the school at the centre of the tensions. Mandy and her staff are reeling when behaviour spirals out of control.

Car Crime: Caught on Camera, STV, 9pm

TV producers must think we’re a nation obsessed with watching people getting up to mischief on our roads. Various channels showcase programmes in which motorists land themselves in trouble by driving recklessly. One of them, Channel 5’s Traffic Cops, is narrated by Jamie Theakston, and he provides the same duties on this one-off special. It looks at crash-for-cash scams, joy riders and brazen car thieves, with interviews with victims, eyewitnesses and the police.

The Planets, BBC2, 9pm

PROFESSOR Brian Cox examines the remotest part of the solar system, a place that the most mysterious planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – call home. Barely visible to the naked eye, Uranus was once thought to be the furthest planet from the Sun, before Neptune was discovered. Thanks to a rare alignment of the planets in 1976, Voyager 2 was sent for mankind’s only flyby of these ice worlds. Even at such cold temperatures, great storms whip around these frozen worlds, which are home to spectacular moons and intricate ring systems. Then in 2015, Nasa’s New Horizons probe pushed the frontier even further into space with its extraordinary passage to the dwarf planet Pluto.

Great British Gardens: Season by Season with Carol Klein, C5, 9pm

THE plantswoman and broadcaster visits Gresgarth Hall, the Lancashire country home of garden designer Arabella Lennox-Boyd. The grounds of the estate comprise the formal garden rooms nearer the house, and a wilder area where Arabella has planted 6000 trees among cleverly designed meandering paths.