The National:

BORIS Johnson's reputation means that, to put it mildly, people are extremely doubtful of literally any claims he makes.

And so, it shouldn't be too surprising that there's a theory doing the rounds about a certain picture of him on front pages.

Photographs emerged of Boris Johnson with partner Carrie Symonds three days after police were called to their flat when neighbours heard them arguing.

It was a blow for Johnson – reports said he was being told to get out of the flat by Symonds, who, allegedly, also told him he was spoiled.

A new picture shows him sitting happily in picturesque surroundings with his partner. "Boris's show of unity," said the Evening Standard.

Some aren't so convinced, however – and are speculating about whether the circumstances the photograph was apparently taken in aren't quite as they seem.

Was the picture really taken yesterday? Social media users don't think so, and believe there's a smoking gun.

As Sky's deputy political editor Sam Coates tweeted: "I’m told by the Boris Johnson campaign that the picture is genuinely from Sunday.

"Here – just to pass the time – is what Johnson’s hair looked like on Saturday so everyone can compare and contrast.

"Still hoping copyright of Sunday photo released..."

You wouldn't put it past him...