ROSS Thomson has been given a central role in Boris Johnson’s leadership campaign.

The Aberdeen South MP has been appointed chairman of the campaign in Scotland and will be responsible for coordinating MPs, MSPs, councillors and the ground campaign for the ex Foreign Secretary.

The hardline Brexiteer will also provide advice on policy for Scotland and will help coordinate campaign messages.

“It is a huge honour to have been asked to chair Boris’ leadership campaign in Scotland at a time of huge excitement and opportunity for our country," he told the Press and Journal.

“Boris springs into this campaign with huge momentum, having won the support of over 50% of Conservative MPs.

“He has demonstrated that he can bring MPs together across leave and remain lines. He will unify our party and our country.”

“Boris is the only candidate in this contest committed to delivering Brexit by October 31, which will restore trust in our politics.”

Thomson told the paper that “strengthening the Union” would lie at the heart of Johnson’s agenda as Prime Minister.

He is one of four Scottish Tory MPs to declare that they will be backing Johnson. Colin Clark, Douglas Ross and Andrew Bowie are also supporting Johnson's bid to succeed Theresa May.

However, other Scottish Conservatives politicians regard Johnson as a toxic figure who will damage the party's fortunes in Scotland and help boost support for independence.

A poll published yesterday said 53% of Scots would back Scotland becoming independent if Johnson becomes PM.

David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, has said he will be voting for Johnson's rival Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who visited the north east yesterday.

Thomson added: “Prioritising and strengthening the United Kingdom and Scotland’s place within it will be at the heart of Boris’ premiership, which is why he’s secured the public backing of four Scottish MPs here in the north-east.

“I’m looking forward to the upcoming campaign, to engaging with members and to making the positive case for why Boris Johnson can make us believe in ourselves again as a country, enable everyone to fulfil their potential and take part in the huge opportunities of this incredible country.

“Britain needs Boris.”

Johnson will face off against Hunt in a series of hustings over the next month before Conservative Party members vote to decide who will succeed May as Tory leader and PM.

The result is expected in the week beginning July 22.