SUGGESTIONS that Theresa May is planning to bypass Holyrood and fund devolved departments in Scotland directly would break Treasury rules and the Scotland Act, say the SNP.

The party branded the move a a desperate politically motivated attempt to salvage a legacy from a car-crash premiership.

May’s plans are reportedly backed by both Boris Johnson and fellow PM hopeful Jeremy Hunt.

If enacted, the move would fly in the face of the core principles of devolution and breach Treasury rules.

The plans have been promoted by Scottish Tory MPs, who penned a joint letter earlier this month which stated: “If we are serious about communicating the benefits of the Union, then we have to show, not tell. The UK Government has to be involved in investing directly in communities in Scotland.”

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The plans were immediately identified by the SNP as an attempt to undermine the Scottish Parliament.

SNP MSP Tom Arthur said that the “plot rips up the established principles underpinning devolution – in breach of the Scotland Act and Treasury rules.

“We would of course welcome extra funding after years of Tory austerity, but funding in devolved areas must be accountable to our democratically elected parliament,” he added.

The Renfrewshire South MSP went on to say that the report, which came “hot on the heels of their Brexit power grab,” proved that it was “clear that the Tories are putting their narrow party political interests ahead of the respect due to the Scottish Parliament – which was, let’s not forget, hard won and endorsed overwhelmingly by the public.”

He said that May’s plan was would be “a deeply damaging proposal – and puts the Tories on the wrong side of public opinion and the wrong side of history”.

Arthur added: “The Tories must take this serious threat to devolution off the table now.”