NATIONAL journalist Stewart Ward stands in for editor Callum Baird this week, as Paul Kavanagh hosts another Wee Ginger Dugcast.

There's plenty to break down in a new YouGov poll which revealed just how little the Tories really care about the "precious Union". 

They don't feel much different about Northern Ireland ... other than the MP who said it made sense the party's members wanted rid of "whinging" Scots.

Meanwhile, the Tory leadership contest moves into its next stage, with the man who was editor of The Spectator when it published a poem labelling Scots a "verminous race" the frontrunner. What will this mean for Ruth Davidson and the Scottish Tories?

A new Scottish bill will make the voting franchise more inclusive – if you live in Scotland, you'll be able to vote here, no matter where you were born. Paul has some personal stakes in that one, too.

Plus, we have details of our special supplement tomorrow that aims to help you convince others to back independence.

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