THE next highly-anticipated All Under One Banner (AUOB) march and rally is set to roll in to Ayr on the Low Green on Saturday, July 6.

The march is the latest in a series of AUOB events which have seen thousands take to the street in towns and cities across Scotland to show their support for independence.

Local organisers have been working closely with the AUOB national team to ensure that the event is a huge success, not just for the organisers but for the area itself – which has a reputation for being traditionally conservative.

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Former SNP MP and local activist Corri Wilson said: “I think these marches are important for two reasons – firstly, for the enjoyment of a day out in a carnival atmosphere with like-minded people, in a public celebration of our country, culture and heritage.

“Secondly, it is important to have a regular, visible demonstration of the desire for independence to counteract the mainstream media rhetoric of ‘no appetite’ which we are fed on a daily basis.”

The National:

Activists have also been working hard to ensure that the event goes beyond the issue of independence itself, and promotes the town of Ayr and the whole of South Ayrshire.

The area has a special place in Scotland’s history and culture, being the birthplace of both Robert the Bruce and Robert Burns, two iconic figures recognised throughout the world.

They have also been reaching out to businesses in the town to work with them in making sure the economic benefits of such a large event are distributed across as many local pubs, hotels, restaurants and businesses as possible.

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Many of the tens of thousands anticipated to attend the march will be coming from a distance of 50 miles away or more, and organisers hope that the Yes Festival, which has been organised to take place alongside the main event from Friday to Sunday, will keep visitors in the town over the weekend and provide a boost to the local tourist trade.

A wide programme of events, all with free entry, will include music and poetry sessions, the launch of a new indy songbook, and historic walks around the old market town of Ayr, where Robert the Bruce convened a parliament in 1315 to decide the succession to the Scottish throne.

Maps of the town centre, showing the main venues and providing a full description of the events, have been printed and will be distributed widely in the lead up to the festival.

AUOB’s latest event in Oban drew in about 7000 people according to organisers.

The march and rally, which took place last Saturday, was described as a “really successful” event by organiser Neil Mackay.

The Ayr march and rally, taking place on Saturday July 6, will leave from Blackburn Car Park at 1.30pm.