WE must all work together to achieve independence, Scottish Greens co-convener has said.

Veteran MSP Patrick Harvie spoke out as he welcomed the launch of The National’s new Big Enough, Smart Enough, Rich Enough campaign, which begins tomorrow and aims to encourage 10,000 conversations to build the case for Yes.

No date for a second independence referendum has yet been set.

However, Harvie, who has represented the Glasgow region since 2003, said the “hard work” of building a majority for Yes must begin now.

Commenting on the eve of this newspaper’s campaign launch, he stated: “We might not yet have a date for the next referendum yet, but the hard work of changing minds has already started.

“It’s incumbent on all of us to talk to those who voted no last time and share a hopeful, positive vision for Scotland’s future.”

Looking outwith our borders for inspiration, he said other European nations can serve as an indication of what this country is capable of.

Harvie commented: “Scotland has untold potential, and is more than capable of thriving as independent country at the heart of Europe.

“We can take inspiration from other small countries throughout the continent like Finland and Denmark while using the opportunity of independence to forge our own path,” he added.