A NEW hashtag’s been trending since Tuesday’s BBC Tory leadership debate: #NotMyPrimeMinister.

Now to be fair, most of Scotland’s been voting that hashtag for half a century. So maybe it’s time for another: #NotMySelectorate.

I ken, it’s hardly sexy.

But while all nervous energy is focused on the Tory leadership race and which of the benighted Tory leadership wannabes makes it to the final two, this week revealed something even more extraordinary and unsettling about the 100k Tory Party members who will soon become Kingmakers. In one extraordinary poll, the irrational and almost childishly emotional nature of the people charged with the ultimate selection of Britain’s next Prime Minister was laid bare.

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YouGov’s sensational survey showed 59% of Tory Party members would happily see Northern Ireland leave the UK to make sure Brexit happens. A further 61% would accept “significant damage” to the UK economy, 54% would rather see the Conservative Party destroyed and 46% would prefer Nigel Farage at the helm of their party. There was one bridge too far for Tory Party members – losing the next election to that fearful commie, Jeremy Corbyn. As for Scotland, the poll revealed a whopping 63% of Tory members would rather see Scottish independence than no Brexit.

Now I suppose this should come as no surprise – English voters have been fed the “Scots subsidy junkie” line for so long it would be astonishing if they didn’t believe it. Hell’s teeth, many Scots believe it – that’s how good a job Westminster parties and the Union-supporting media have done.

Indeed, Wings over Scotland commissioned a Panelbase survey last June which had much the same result. It found a two-to-one majority of Tory voters happy to lose the Scots if it saved Brexit. As Stuart Campbell pointed out: “Tories in Scotland and Northern Ireland are clinging to a nation from which their own Conservative colleagues would drop them like a ticking time-bomb ... at the first inconvenience.”

Who knows if that revelation prompted any heart-searching amongst Union-supporting Scots? Wings’ poll was largely shunned by the mainstream media – YouGov’s by contrast has had very prominent coverage. So the question is worth asking again.

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Knowing that “fellow” arch Unionists would throw you and your nation to the wolves rather than miss the chance to trash their own economy by cutting ties with the European Union – how do you feel about the Union now? Indeed, how do you rate the thought processes of your erstwhile colleagues?

Even the most jaundiced No voter or English Tory would concede that Scotland obviously contributes oil, gas, whisky revenues and vast renewable energy resources (90% of the UK’s green baseload hydro power) to the British economy. Northern Ireland by contrast is able to contribute very little. Scots have made a disproportionate contribution to Her Madge’s Armed Forces (and I’m not commenting on the wisdom of joining up just the fact of it) whilst the political situation in Northern Ireland has made considerable security demands on it.

But still, the membership of the Tory Party would be happier to see Scotland go as a result of pursuing Brexit than Northern Ireland.

There’s nothing rational about this, nothing fact-based or considered.

Now, it’s become almost personal.

Hell hath no fury like a Tory scorned – and Scots have scorned the hollow, vainglorious concept of Britishness relentlessly.

Our largest political party won’t play the game, won’t send former politicians for “re-purposing” to the House of Lords, won’t stop going on about decentralisation, the London-centricity of the UK, or the racist nature of Boris Johnson (even when Westminster leader Ian Blackford is rebuked mid-flow by the Speaker).

And beyond the SNP, there’s the people – collectively unimpressed with the trappings of Empire, nuclear weapons, Jubilee Garden Parties and Donald Trump.

Hell, Scots even have the Special One, but consistently choose not to vote for Ruth Davidson or her party. And who amongst the ageing Tory Selectorate can forget that 22 years ago, Scots voted every single Tory MP out of Scotland.

Essentially, Tory voters have actually got the measure of us. The Scots are indeed revolting. We protest. We “carp”. We just aren’t British enough and Tory Party members can’t wait for an excuse to get Scotland out of the UK. Glory be. At last – we agree on something. We recognise one another. Incompatible cousins, destined to rile one another to distraction and to the detriment of the “settled will” of each population.

So, this poll is depressing, but also highly motivating. Just as Tory members seem destined to select a prime minister whose Brexit promises cannot be delivered, so they would happily expel a nation like Scotland, whose tax contributions help pay their mortgage.

See no reason, hear no reason, speak no reason.

I guess it gets easy with practice. And there are plenty more opportunities for Tories to shoot themselves in the collective foot. Their absolute refusal to engage with external reality applies in spades to their own leadership contest.

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According to YouGov, Rory Stewart emerged as the clear winner of Tuesday night’s BBC TV debate for 35% of viewers, compared to second-placed Boris Johnson with 21%. But amongst the party faithful, the same performances played very differently. Conservative-voting viewers made Johnson the winner with 34% and Rory Stewart a poor third at 18%. Finally, the Penrith MP was eliminated last night by Tory MPs. A BBC correspondent suggested his lacklustre panel performance was to blame but it’s more likely that Boris supporters tactically supported Rory Stewart in the second round to make sure Dominic Raab was eliminated – then simply returned to the Boris fold.

Cynical is too short a word. Unless you prefer plain stupid. Just when a Tory comes along who’s likeable enough to make centrist voters swither, Tory MPs knock him out cold.

Early yesterday Times columnist David Aaronovitch tweeted: “A cold and strategic part of me wants Rory Stewart to be knocked out of this appalling contest ASAP so there are no more illusions about the salvageability of the moderate Tory Party.”

I’m sure many Scots felt the same.

So now the moderate Tory Party is gone. The Unionist Tory Party is gone and the British endgame is surely locked and loaded. The early elimination of the only vaguely sincere candidate for leader is just the latest self-harming act by Tory Party members who really don’t care if Scotland becomes independent or Northern Ireland reunites with the Irish Republic.

What on earth are we waiting for?

Even Scotland’s No voters must be asking themselves the very same question.