George Clarke’s Old House, New Home, C4, 8pm

GEORGE Clarke begins by helping NHS theatre nurse Hannah, whose Edwardian worker’s cottage is so small she has had to give the only decent bedroom to her two lively children. Can he provide the luxurious master bedroom she needs? George also helps a couple renovate their detached home.

Chicago PD, 5USA, 9pm

SERIES six of the police drama and Voight finds himself in very hot water. He has blood on hands as Platt pounds on his door. Letting her in, he assures her he is fine, having served “justice” on the man who killed Officer Olinsky in prison. At a crime scene, Voight is approached by Brennan, who tells Voight he is suspended as he may be charged with murder.

Death Row: Countdown to Execution, STV, 9pm

SUSANNA Reid travels to Texas to meet convicted killer Billie Wayne Coble in the days leading up to his scheduled execution. In 1989 he pleaded guilty to triple murder. Now 70, he is fighting for a last-minute stay of execution. If it fails, he will be the oldest man put to death in Texas for more than 100 years. Susanna asks Billie and others about the night of the crime.

Catch-22, C4, 9pm

ALMOST 50 years after the movie version of Joseph Heller’s acclaimed novel comes this TV conversion. It’s the story of Yossarian, a US Air Force bombardier in the Second World War who is furious because thousands of people he has

never met are trying to kill him. Executive producer George Clooney stars with Christopher Abbott and Hugh Laurie.

Ambulance, BBC1, 9pm

BARELY a week goes by without a fly-on-the-wall documentary popping up that follows the police, firefighters or medics as they go about their work. But there’s no wonder such series pull in the ratings – this is real-life drama at its best, with heroes saving lives. Expect more of the same from this show, which follows work of the North West Ambulance Service in Greater Manchester.