A POLICE watchdog has slated Ross Thomson after the Scottish Tory MP claimed that special centres where drug users can inject themselves safely and hygienically don’t work.

He said Thomson’s comments were “outrageously misleading” and contrary to the findings of academic studies – and that Thomson not be allowed to “peddle such rubbish unchallenged”.

The Aberdeen South MP said on Twitter he shared Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s concerns. Thomson tweeted: “I’ve visited a drug consumption room to see it in operation for myself. Opening them in the UK will be the thin end of the wedge. We need to ensure people end their addiction not simply manage it. Consumption rooms won’t cut heroin abuse and deaths.”

His post was seen by North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Arfon Jones. Jones, a former police inspector and longtime drugs reformer, said: “The claim Mr Thomson makes is outrageously misleading and contrary to all the academic peer review studies from numerous countries.

“He should not be allowed to peddle such rubbish unchallenged. I have asked him in a tweet which Drug Consumption Room he has visited and as one can imagine the silence is deafening.”

Plaid Cymru member Jones added: “With drug-related deaths in Scotland rocketing and abundant evidence to show that DCRs work, he is doing the people of Scotland a grave disservice. I very much hope that my intervention will stimulate the good people of Aberdeen South to challenge their Member of Parliament to put or shut up.

“I worked as a police officer for more than 30 years and saw at first hand the heartbreaking damage that drugs cause to those who are addicted, their families and friends. Setting up a drug consumption room where people suffering from problematic drug use can take the drugs themselves safely and hygienically does save lives and would also provide real benefits to the community.

“Fewer discarded needles will ensure safer streets while more hygienic facilities will reduce the spread of disease like HIV. At the same time, the emergency services will be able to reach more quickly anybody who suffers an overdose, becomes violent while under the influence or pricks themselves accidentally.

“Importantly for the community, a drug consumption room can reduce crime because it will free up police officers to concentrate on serious offences while providing an opportunity to help those taking drugs to address other issues like poverty and homelessness.”

Plans to open a consumption room in Glasgow have been halted due to UK drugs laws.