The National:

DAY by day, as the dystopian nightmare of Boris Johnson coming to the helm of Brexit Britain unfolds before our eyes, the prospect of Scottish independence seems to become that bit more more appealing.

TV historian Dan Snow was the most recent high-profile Unionist to undergo a U-turn, declaring that he “absolutely” supported another referendum on independence.

YouGov polling for The Times Scotland, meanwhile, found 49% of voters in Scotland backed independence.

The former director of Ipsos Mori Scotland, Mark Diffley, has also said a majority of voters would back independence if Johnson becomes prime minister and pursues a no-deal Brexit.

This is of course music to the ears of Scotland’s leading pro-independence party, who have continuously condemned the Tories for their Brexit policy.

And the SNP’s fresh attack drew compliments from the unlikeliest of sources.

WATCH: Ian Blackford lambasts 'racist' Boris Johnson at PMQs

It came after SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford told MPs that "racist" Tory leadership contender and Brexiteer Johnson is "not fit for office" during PMQs.

The SNP Westminster leader refused to backtrack on the comments in the House of Commons despite an intervention by the Speaker.

Responding to footage of Blackford’s remarks on Twitter, Labour peer George Foulkes expressed his approval.

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He tweeted: “Well said @IanBlackfordMP!”

Coming from the man some credit with coming up with the phrase “cybernats”, that's no faint praise.

There’s nothing quite like Tory ineptitude to bring people together.