The National:

POOR old Boris Johnson is getting a bit of bad press at the moment.

Recently he’s been under fire for hiding from public scrutiny while in a contest to decide the UK’s next prime minister.

The leadership race frontrunner has also been criticised for a proposed £9.6 billion tax cut for high earners, which Scots may have to foot the bill for.

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Now he has had more scorn poured on him by Ian Blackford, who described Johnson as “racist” and “not fit for office” at PMQs.

The comments prompted Speaker John Bercow to intervene, urging the SNP Westminster leader to "weigh his words" as Tory MPs shouted "withdraw".

But Blackford doubled-down on his statement, citing comments by Johnson comparing Muslim woman to “letterboxes” and describing African people as having “watermelon smiles”.

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Luckily for the former foreign secretary, a somewhat miffed Tory colleague came to his aid.

Raising a point of order in the Commons – and trying admirably but ultimately in vain to contain his rage – Bill Wiggin addressed Bercow, saying: “Since you take the chair sir, you have been a stalwart defender of backbenchers.

“You have also stood up to bad parliamentary behaviour, like the use of the word racism.

“I am deeply upset that your chairmanship has been undermined dramatically because of the very calm and polite advice you gave to honourable members – leaders of political parties – in this House that was ignored.”

At this point, Wiggin’s already rosy complexion was starting to radiate.

“Please will you do all you can to ensure that words like ‘racist’ are not common parlance in this House,” he added.

Bercow thanked the Tory MP for his “kind words”, but was at pains to point out that “I’m not a delicate flower and I don’t feel any concern on that front”.