AN elderly woman has told of her turmoil after she was kicked out of an Oban fish and chip shop for being an independence supporter.

Retired nurse Margaret Palmer-Brown, 79, was looking for a cup of tea and something to eat after being caught in the rain following last Saturday’s All Under One Banner march through the west coast town.

The pensioner, who was using the flag as a makeshift shawl to protect herself against the elements, went into the George Street Fish Restaurant where, she claims, she received a less-than-friendly welcome.

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Palmer-Brown told The National: “Suddenly there was a terrible downpour, and I didn’t have a jacket or anything so I wrapped a flag around myself and thought I need to get out of this. I’m quite old and I didn’t want to get a cold or anything.

“I saw the chip shop and thought I’d nip in there and get a cup of tea and get something to eat and get in out the rain. I got two feet in the door and a young man came up and said, ‘sorry you can’t come in here’.

“And I looked at him and said ‘what?’ and he said, ‘sorry you can’t come in here, go to the burger place across the road’.”

Palmer-Brown said when she was asked why, the man pointed at the saltire and her blue and white hat and told her “wearing that, we don’t want any trouble”.

Even after she offered to take the hat and flag off, the man replied: “No just go please.”

“I wasn’t going to kick up a stooshie,” Palmer-Brown said. “I just took his advice and went to the burger place over the road where the people were very kind and helpful and gave me a lovely meal.”

“I was appalled. I was taken aback,” she added. “An old lady like me. I was on my own. I thought I must look like trouble.”

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The National:

Palmer-Brown said she’s very grateful to the fellow marchers who have rallied to her support in the last few days.

John Stewart, the owner of the George Street Fish restaurant, denied that he’d thrown anyone out.

“You need to get your facts right,” he told The National, before adding, “obviously you don’t understand how licensed premises work”.

He continued: “Licensed premises don’t allow in football colours, flags of any nationality.

“We have the choice of refusal. We don’t allow in stag parties, hen nights, or anything like that and I explained that, so I didn’t throw anyone out in any manner whatsoever. I’m not saying any more to you.”

A spokeswoman for Argyll and Bute council said: “No licensing conditions have been imposed by Argyll and Bute Council which prohibits licenced premises serving people wearing football colours and/or flags.

“Right to refuse entry is something which is entirely at the discretion of the licensee providing the reason does not breach the Equalities Act 2010.”

On Stewart’s Facebook page, he has previously shared a meme by the British Union and Sovereign Party saying “Nicola Sturgeon does not speak for me”.

Sturgeon needs reminded that she does not speak for the majority of the Scottish people,” it reads.

The restaurateur has also “liked” Scotland in Union’s Facebook page.

AUOB says 7000 indy supporters took to the streets of Oban.