MEMBERS of the Conservative party would rather see Scotland leaving the United Kingdom than give up on the Brexit dream, according to new research from YouGov.

Over the past three years of the tumultuous Brexit process, traditional allegiances and priorities appear to have disintegrated as securing an exit from the European Union becomes the overriding priority for party members.

A YouGov survey has revealed that a majority of Tory members would be willing to push forward with Brexit even if it meant Scotland leaving the UK (63%), Northern Ireland leaving the UK (59%), significant damage to the UK economy (61%) and even the outright destruction of the Conservative Party (54%).

Outside of the Brexit issue, a significant minority of Tories (26%) were happy for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom regardless, suggesting that the traditional Conservative value of Unionism appears to be crumbling.

A further 20% were also happy to see Northern Ireland go .

The National:

In the end, the single outcome that would stop the Brexiteers in their tracks is the potential of Jeremy Corbyn as the next Prime Minister. Just over half of the party's membership would rather block Corbyn than leave the European Union, though four in ten would still accept that outcome if it meant securing Brexit.

The poll also revealed that 46% of Tory party members would be happy if Nigel Farage became leader of the party.