The National:

IT'S often said that the Conservatives are cruel – but in his bid to become party leader, Jeremy Hunt seems to be taking it to the next level.

At least, that's the impression he's given with a recent Twitter promo posted out on his behalf.

So, what policy does Hunt want to highlight as he seeks to win the leadership race?

According to the man himself: "Every older person should die with dignity and respect."

A bit drastic, perhaps, Jeremy? Killing off older people when they're going to be the biggest factor in your leadership race. 

We should probably just be grateful he wants it done with "dignity and respect".

Twitter was quick to highlight the bizarre wording.

And for a man with a surname that means he knows the risk of a typo, you'd think Hunt would be a bit more careful with the proof-reading. Does anyone know what the comma after "party" is doing?

He also seems to be stealing from the Change UK handbook of how to align text.

We can't wait to see how the other candidates one-up this pledge...