PETE Wishart has accused David Mundell of “staggering hypocrisy” following the Scottish Secretary’s U-turn on serving in a Boris Johnson-led government.

The SNP MP has now called on Mundell to categorically rule out serving in any future Cabinet that pursues a no-deal Brexit.

In a stumbling interview on Thursday which was widely mocked on social media the Tory MP claimed he had “never said” he wouldn’t serve in a Johnson-run cabinet.

But in December, asked if he would remain in cabinet if Johnson replaced Theresa May, Mundell told the BBC: “Given my views about Mr Johnson which are well known that would be extremely difficult. Mr Johnson and I don’t agree on a whole range of issues and I don’t see myself being able to serve in that way.”

Mundell is also on record as saying: “Mr Johnson seems to behave in a way that suggests he’s only focused on his own self-interest and not in the interests of our country.”

Tory leadership front-runner Johnson has repeatedly stated that he is willing to lead the UK out of the EU without a deal as the October 31 deadline approaches.

Analysis has shown that crashing out of the EU without a deal will be devastating for Scotland – putting up to 100,000 jobs at risk and costing Scots £2300 each per year.

Wishart said: “This is yet another staggering case of hypocrisy from David Mundell who will abandon any remaining principles at the door in order to hang on to his ministerial car and privileges – including serving in a Boris Johnson government that will pursue a disastrous no-deal Brexit.

“The Secretary of State for Scotland must now set out clearly and categorically whether or not he would serve in the next Tory cabinet that pursued a policy of pushing Scotland over the cliff-edge with a no-deal Brexit, which we know will cost up to 100,000 jobs across Scotland and hit people’s living standards – including in David Mundell’s own constituency.”

Mundell has repeatedly indicated that he could resign over the Tory government’s handling of Brexit.

Wishart urged the Scottish Secretary to do so after his “latest embarrassing U-turn”.

“The contingent of Scottish Tories in Westminster have consistently acted and voted against Scotland’s interests, and it’s high time David Mundell gathered whatever remaining dignity he has left following his latest embarrassing U-turn and stepped aside,” he said.

“Scotland’s voice and interests have been ignored throughout the Brexit process and any pretence that Scotland is an equal partner has been revealed to be untrue.

“The people of Scotland deserve the choice of a better future than the Brexit shambles offered by Westminster and the Tory leadership horror show.”

“Support for Scotland taking its place as an independent European nation is rising and is only set to increase further – regardless of who the new Tory PM is.”

A source close to Mundell said the Tory’s “position is as clear as a pure, sparkling mountain burn”, adding: “As is often the case, Wishart is the only person who seems confused.”