IT appears that a third Ruth Davidson has appeared.

A lady called Ruth Davidson recently said that a referendum on Scottish independence should only happen if the SNP wins an “outright majority” at the next Holyrood elections.

Prior to this another lady called Ruth Davidson said that the next UK Prime Minister should continue to refuse a referendum on Scottish independence whatever the circumstances.

In July 2016 a lady, also called Ruth Davidson, commented it would “not be wise” for the next prime minister to block a request for a second independence referendum.

At the time she noted that questions over trading markets, currency and borders were now “utterly different” following the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

It would clearly be good for the public to know which Ruth Davidson is the  leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

Alex Orr

I LISTENED to Ruthie on the news last night on one of her “double speak” pontification exercises.

According to her, before we can have indyref2 the SNP must a) have a clear commitment to another indyref in their next election manifesto and b) achieve an outright majority in the next Scottish Parliament!!! But we do have 1) a majority with the Greens in the current Scottish Parliament and 2) a majority of MPs in the current Wastemonster Parliament.

It would seem to me that it’s OK for her down-and-nearly-out party with NO MAJORITY except with help from the sleazy DUP to ram through their disreputable policies, yet it’s somehow not right that the Scottish Government should seek the collaboration with a party with similar goals for Scotland!!!

Ruthie’s muddled double standards on show once again for all to see and take note.

Charlie Gallagher
Sullom, Shetland

RUTH Davidson’s volte-face on the SNP needing an absolute majority before they can hold a second independence referendum is not a surprise. Nor will Ruth Davidson be embarrassed by the footage of her saying the exact opposite in 2011.

Ruth Davidson is charlatan, a say-anything, ridiculous waffling popinjay. She has become inculcated in the culture of lying that permeates Westminster and the Tories.

Davidson stood and watched Tony Blair suffer no consequences when he lied the UK to war in Iraq. She was part of the Better Together campaign which told lie after lie after lie to win the independence referendum. She is now backing Brexit, which was achieved by massive deception.

Now Boris Johnson is likely to become Tory leader. All despite telling lies his whole career.

Ruth Davidson will not be held accountable because a fawning media suffer historical amnesia. Ruth Davidson’s career is built on and has succeeded by telling lies and having no consequences.

Alan Hinnrichs

AT some time in the next couple of years, either in a referendum or by means of the Holyrood election, and in spite of Westminster opposition, Scotland will be given another opportunity to choose between remaining as a very junior partner in the Union or being independent. I honestly believe this time, under Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership, it will be independence.

Such a triumph of national self-confidence, after 300 years of Project Fear, will be a truly glorious liberation.

Billy Scobie

ONCE again, Alan Hinnrichs has hit the nail on the head, on this occasion in his assessment of Bozo Johnson (Letters, June 14).

He refers to “The disgusting reek that pervades this Tory coronation”. I would respectfully replace “coronation” with “conspiracy”, as this back-stabbing filth fest is a palpable abuse of democracy (remember that?) and Bozo’s emergence as the front runner is an accurate encapsulation of the endemic evil of the Tory party and an eloquent confirmation that he is the best (!?!?!) of a pathetic bunch.

It would be comforting to assume that the “Stop Boris” brigade would resign from their presently held posts and refuse to serve in his government (sorry, I’ve slipped into delusion here; self- preservation, no matter what, is their prime consideration).

Speaking of which brings us to the noblest sycophant of them all. Whatever else may be said of him, “Et tu, Mundell” would be inappropriate. Slugs are one of my least favourite of God’s creations, but I would never malign the species by comparing it to Mundell. To quote Ira Levin in Rosemary’s Baby: “God is dead. This is the year one.”

Joe Cowan

BOTH David Mundell and Ruth Davidson seem to feel they can say whatever they feel and the following week completely change direction and deny the intent and meaning behind previous statements.

They are both a complete joke, they live in a fantasy world where they can not accept that they are a spent force with no real support from the Scottish people and even less in the way of any real respect from their peers down south.

Roll on Scottish independence, where we do not require a Conservative toady Scottish Secretary enforcing the message from Westminster in our country and we have a parliament with real and tangible Scottish opposition parties who have the real interest of the Scottish people at the forefront rather than the self-serving, servile and totally controlled Westminster Conservative representation sitting in Holyrood at the moment.

Bill Macdonald