WINGS Over Scotland blogger Stuart Campbell has been revealed as the latest guest on Alex Salmond’s political chat show.

The pro-independence writer announced on social media that he would be appearing on The Alex Salmond Show.

“So, can now officially reveal what most of you figured out a while back anyway – will be appearing on the @AlexSalmondShow,” he tweeted.

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The former First Minister’s programme will be broadcast at 7.30am next Thursday on Russia Today.

The show “vows to battle the mainstream media narrative and take the news ‘out of the Westminster nexus’”.

The latest episode comes two months after Campbell took Kezia Dugdale to court over comments she made in the Daily Record newspaper.

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The blogger was seeking £25,000 in damages from the former Labour leader but his attempt to sue was rejected by the courts, despite the judge deciding that he was not homophobic.

Wings Over Scotland has also just broken its fundraising record after receiving £140,000 in its latest crowdfunding campaign.

Recent guests on the Alex Salmond Show include Labour MEP Claude Moraes and the former British ambassador in Uzbekistan, Craig Murray.