PRO-INDEPENDENCE website Wings Over Scotland has broken its fundraising record after recording £140,000 in donations.

Launched on May 13, the crowdfunder set the target of £50,000 to keep the site running for another year.

But as of noon on Friday, £139,732 had been raised thanks to 2961 donations – surpassing last year’s total of £127,400.

According to the website's homepage, the total including donations from all sources has surpassed £150,000

Bath-based blogger Stuart Campbell, who runs Wings Over Scotland, commented: “I'm madly nervous every year when we launch the fundraiser, and more so this year than ever before.

“Every indy website including us has had a substantial drop in traffic due to the totally moribund Scottish political scene of the last two years, and our criticisms of the SNP's independence strategy and defence of women's rights over the trans issue have antagonised a fair few people – there's been a real outpouring of hate from the young ‘woke’ end of the movement about the latter in particular – so I really thought we might take a hit this time.

“To instead have beaten the all-time record with days to spare is beyond my wildest dreams.

“The last couple of years have been a bit rough for one reason and another, we've been under a sustained and heavy attack from all sides, so it's both completely humbling and re-energising to see how much people value Wings.

He added: “Our readers are incredible, in so many ways, and it's a privilege to work for them."

People who donate can expect rewards ranging from a credit card tool to a hip flask.

The website says money raised will go towards running costs, commissioning polls, paying contributors and the Wings Fighting Fund, with the aim of printing more than a million copies of a new Wee Blue Book ahead of indyref2.