The National:

DONALD Trump isn’t fond of spouting boasts.

Despite being the president of the United States and a self-confessed “very stable genius”, Trump is typically reluctant to shine a light on his considerable achievements.

But, in his own words, “sometimes you have to toot your own horn because nobody else is going to do it”.

And what better occasion to do so than meeting one of the UK’s foremost dignitaries.

The president let his brag slip on in a now-deleted (and replaced) tweet hitting back at FBI director Christopher Wray, who said Donald Trump Jr should have called his agency to report contact from a Russian lawyer in 2016.

The president reflected on his recent trip to Europe – where he met “foreign governments every day”, including the “Queen of England (U.K.)” as well as the premiers of the UK, France, Ireland and Poland – and said it would have been “ridiculous” to report these meetings to the FBI.

But it wasn’t criticism of the FBI which caught the attention of Twitter users – nor did stripping the Queen of much of her dominion.

Instead, it was another of the names on Trump’s list, the “Prince of Whales”.

The National:

Although the original tweet was deleted and replaced, commenters could not contain their adulation for the renowned commander of the UK’s largest aquatic placental marine mammals.