The National:

SCOTS are having a tough time of it.

The women’s team lost out narrowly to England in their opening World Cup game on Sunday, while the men were outclassed by the world’s number one ranked team on Tuesday.

Tory Brexiteers, meanwhile, are queuing up to replace Theresa May and almost all have vowed to block a democratic referendum on Scottish independence.

The bad news, courtesy of YouGov, keeps on coming – and Scots on social media are not happy.

In a poll of the “very best British food”, Scottish delicacies did not fare well.

In the savoury section, haggis and black pudding were listed in the “crap tier”, with less than 50% of those polled who have tasted it saying that they like it.

Deep-fried Mars bars, meanwhile, were also in the bottom tier in the sweet section.

Only 22% of those who had consumed the battered treat say they enjoyed the experience (a figure which rises to 30% in Scotland).

The YouGov research surveyed 6367 British adults.

Fortunately for national pride’s sake, Scots-claimed cottage pie and Chicken tikka masala were listed in the top and mid tiers respectively.

However, the poor ratings for Scots favourites invited the ire, mostly tongue-in-cheek, from Scots Twitter users.