MPs opposed to a no-deal Brexit have failed in their latest attempt to seize control of parliamentary business in a bid to stop the next prime minister taking Britain out of the EU without a deal with Brussels.

The Commons voted by 309 to 298 to defeat a cross-party motion which would have given MPs control of the business of the House on June 25.

The motion was supported by the SNP, LibDems, Greens and Plaid Cymru as well as the Tory former minister Sir Oliver Letwin.

The vote came after Tory leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson warned that MPs would "reap the whirlwind" if they tried to thwart Britain's withdrawal from the EU.

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Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer said the move would have enabled MPs to prevent the next prime minister leaving without a deal.

Labour sources made clear they would try to find other parliamentary routes.

"This is a disappointing, narrow defeat. But this is just the start, not the end of our efforts to block no deal," Sir Keir said.

"Labour stands ready to use whatever mechanism it can to protect jobs, the economy and communities from the disastrous consequences of a no-deal Brexit.

"Any Tory leadership candidate should know that Parliament will continue to fight against no deal."

"After three years and two missed deadlines we must leave the EU on October 31."

SNP MPs voiced their frustrations on Twitter.

Phillipa Whitford said: “Tragedy - we have just lost the last chance for MPs to take control of business and prevent a new PM from shutting Parliament down or just frittering the time away until we go off the cliff of #NoDealBrexit”

Joanna Cherry added: “Labours attempt to prevent a #NoDealBrexit fails despite cross party support & a 3 line whip for @theSNP.  As time moves on the locus of action for our party & our movement will be Holyrood not #Westminster #Brexit #ScotlandInEurope #Indyref2”