THIS is the Yes DIY Hub and we are always delighted to hear from groups and individuals about their efforts to boost the cause of independence.

Last week we told how Fiona Ferris had adapted one of her father’s songs to be an anthem for the Yes movement, and that prompted activist Colin Crombie to contact us.

He wrote: “After reading about Colin Campbell’s song ‘The Bluebells Still Will Sweetly Bloom’ that his daughter Fiona Ferris will release in Oban, I thought that All Under One Banner and the many Yes groups, and all supporters of a free Scotland, would be interested in another song.

“This is ‘“Scotland – Free Again!’ and is one of my own songs. I think it might work well on the AUOB marches (or on the stage afterwards), and indeed I found the inspiration from going to these last year.

“My own version can be heard here at and the full lyrics are there too under the video for copying. Anyone who is interested, please feel free to use it or adapt any part of it – it’s a song for Scotland and her people.”

We were also pleased to hear from Aimee Chalmers about her project called Knit Europe, which is a sequel to the 2014 project Knitting a Nation.

She told us: “The new project will celebrate Scotland’s historic and current ties with Europe. We’re currently recruiting knitters, particularly Scots/Europeans living in Scotland or in Europe. For more information, contact”