Eat Well for Less?, BBC1, 8pm

GREGG Wallace and Chris Bavin help the Gambling family in West London as they attempt to lower their food bills while still eating nutritious meals. Douglas and Angella are two self-confessed “foodies”, but now they have two children, they find themselves more reliant on takeaway meals and ingredient boxes. Can Gregg and Chris get the programme’s biggest ever spenders to change their food shopping habits?

Wild Bill, STV, 9pm

WHEN it was announced that Rob Lowe would be starring in a British TV series, it sounded too good to be true. But here it is. Lowe, of course, plays the central character, Bill Hixon, who arrives in the town looking for a fresh start with his daughter in tow; he’s also determined to use statistics and algorithms to cut crime, but his methods don’t always sit well with his sceptical new staff. It soon becomes clear that Bill is going to have to be more hands-on that he thought when confronted by his first case – a decapitated head in a fridge.

The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes, C4, 9pm

THIS new series follows a daring experiment which sees the UK’s first ever restaurant staffed by people living with dementia open its doors. Fourteen volunteers run the restaurant in Bristol in an effort to raise awareness of the disease and the impact it can have on those still of working age. In the first episode, 23-year-old Jordan, gynaecologist and obstetrician Avril, and legal representative Jacqui embark on a shift.

Summer of Rockets, BBC2, 9pm

SAMUEL is warned that people connected to the Shaws may be enemies of the state. Obtaining an invitation to a gathering at the Shaw residence, he takes the opportunity to carry out Field’s instructions and explore their house at night – leading to an enlightening encounter with Arthur. Hannah creates controversy when she goes out dancing, while Kathleen decides to go public with her search for Anthony.