AS a 82-year-old pensioner, I have no intention of paying for a TV licence fee if I lose the right to a free one. At present, of the amount raised by this in Scotland, only around 70% is actually spent here, the rest subsidising TV in the rest of the UK, and some of this is assigned to blatantly anti-Scottish programmes such as Question Time.

I watch the BBC only to keep track of the lies they tell, but would miss Channel 4 News and a few other programmes if I had to stop watching TV altogether. On the other hand, I can just keep on watching and see if they prosecute me.

I would not go quietly.

Ann Rayner

SOME poor older people are very isolated. If they feel they cannot afford the a TV licence, they will be even more isolated. And there are cases where old people who are entitled to pension credit simply don’t apply for it – illness can be a factor causing this. So this is a vicious attack on the elderly by both the Evil Tories and the EBC. Shame on them!

Daibhidh Beaton