Despite the weather, Gardening Scotland 2019 was another great success for the organisers, and I fully enjoyed spending the weekend there talking to old customers and friends - and making lots of new ones!

One of the things we do with Gardening Scotland is to sponsor and help to judge the ‘Gardener of the Year’ and ‘Young Gardener of the Year’ competitions. Now, I have always enjoyed gardening, but being so busy and having it as a business, I am guilty of forgetting just how therapeutic gardening can be. Reading the amazing applications for ‘Gardener of the Year’ reminded me of this. I was staggered to read nomination after nomination detailing how much gardening has helped people to change their lives – be it recovering from accidents, getting back on the straight and narrow, or helping those with chronic illnesses or conditions such as depression. It made me realise just how important getting out in the garden really is!

The other thing discussed a lot at the show was the best plants to attract bees – in short, bees are attracted to what they know and so like native species of plants – thistles, cirsium and scabius. They also like their work made easy, so like single flowered plants such as primulas, cosmos, marigolds and clematis. Finally, bright coloured plants – bees can see yellow and purple best, so sunflowers, lavenders and alliums are all very popular with the bees!

So, let’s all get out to the garden this week and help the bees and ourselves!

Happy Gardening!


Clematis Bijou is a wonderful matt forming plant with colour year after year. They provide excellent ground cover and are really easy to grow.

Ideal for borders, containers or hanging baskets. There are three fantastic varieties – bijou, filigree and elodi – with the last being runner up at this years Chelesea Flower Show!