Our new favourite …


What’s it called?

Football, Feminism + Everything In Between

What’s it about?

Based on the first two episodes – the podcast only launched last month – there’s a little more football than there is feminism, but the “everything in between” bit is appropriately far-reaching and so far has covered daytime TV favourite Countdown, baseball team the Boston Red Sox, Brexit, the art of podcasting, antisemitism and more.

Who’s in it?

Refreshingly, it’s a father and daughter team. The daughter is Grace Campbell, a stand-up comedian and self-styled activist. The father is Alistair Campbell, better known as Tony Blair’s former spin doctor and the model for foul-mouthed Downing Street fixer Malcolm Tucker in political satire The Thick Of It. Just in case you were in any doubt, Grace is the feminist. Dad, a lifelong supporter of Burnley FC, is the football fan. The first guest was Ed Miliband, no mean podcaster himself, the second was mathematician and Countdown co-presenter Rachel Riley. Still to come in future weeks are Olympian Kelly Holmes and comedian Josh Widdicombe.

Best bits so far?

The revelation that Nick Clegg’s wife Miriam once suggested to Miliband’s wife, Justine Thornton, and to Samantha Cameron that all three women turn up to an event wearing the same dress takes some beating – the point being to ridicule the media’s obsession with the party leaders’ wives.

Where can I find it?

It’s available on iTunes.

Fun fact …

Ed Miliband can name most Leeds United managers from the 1970s onwards, though these days he prefers baseball to football.