SCOTTISH Greens MSP Mark Ruskell has written to Nicola Sturgeon, urging her to back his Safer Streets 20mph Bill.

The call comes ahead of a debate of the Bill at Holyrood, set to take place this Thursday.

The letter outlines the potential benefits of the Bill, which seeks to reduce accidents, address inequalities, encourage more people to walk and cycle and ultimately save lives.

Ruskell writes that, unless “this bill is passed it will continue to be a postcode lottery for children when it comes to safer streets”.

“I believe that all children across the country should be given this basic protection and I note that this is increasingly the direction of travel elsewhere.

“Indeed, just last month, the first minister of Wales committed to introducing a 20mph default while London is already rolling out the lower limit. It would be deeply disappointing to see Scotland lagging behind on such a vital public safety issue.”

The Greens commissioned a Survation poll earlier this year

which found that 72% of people polled backed the proposal, with 81% of SNP voters were also supportive.

SNP MSP John Mason was among the members of the Connectivity Committee who supported the proposal. Ruskell added: “Child safety, cycling, walking, environmental and health organisations all back the Bill, and polling shows that the Scottish public are supportive of the Bill.”

The letter also goes on to note that the Scottish Government has not yet offered alternatives on the proposals and concludes by calling on the First Minister to put the interests of children and communities first.

“This is a simple but effective means of improving and saving lives,” the letter concludes.

An SNP spokesperson said: “Given the varied nature of Scotland’s road network, we believe decisions on 20mph speed limits are best taken at local authority level, and the ‘one-size-fits all’ approach proposed in the bill does not give local authorities the flexibility to do this.”