1. Which make of car did the Ecurie Ecosse motor racing team use to win the 1956 Le Mans race?

2. What does the Scots word ‘oorlich’ mean?

3. Which country in Europe has the most ‘twin town’ links with Scotland?

4. Which King of Scots was assassinated in Perth in 1437?

5. Who led the 1st Special Services Brigade into Normandy on D-Day?

6. What are the ‘Shepherds’ of Etive?

7. Which fruit was patented in Scotland in 1979?

8. Which Scottish company recently sold its Edinburgh head office building for a reported £130m?

9. What was the main tree of the Caledonian Forest at its prime?

10. What did Charles Macintosh combine with cloth to make a waterproof garment?

11. Which golf course hosted the 2014 Ryder Cup?

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12. Which river is longer, the Forth or the Clyde?

13. Which town, then in Scotland, was sacked by the army of King Edward I of England in 1296?

14. Where and when was Scotland’s first IKEA store established?

15. Which Scottish actress is the mother of Emma Thompson?

16. Where will Scotland’s men’s rugby team compete in the World Cup later this year?

17. Who wrote the novel Flight of the Heron?

18. Which former football club played at Cathkin Park?

19. On which island is the oil terminal Sullom Voe?

20. Of whom is St William of Perth the patron saint?

1. Jaguar D-Type; 2. Damp and cold; 3. France; 4. King James I; 5. Brigadier Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat; 6. Mountains; 7. Tayberry; 8. Standard Life Aberdeen; 9. Scots Pine; 10. Rubber; 11. PGA Centenary Course; 12. Clyde; 13. Berwick-upon-Tweed; 14. Straiton, south of Edinburgh in 1999; 15. Phyllida Law; 16. Japan; 17. D.K. Broster; 18. Third Lanark; 19. Shetland Mainland; 20. Adopted children