ONCE again we have been privileged to receive the words of wisdom of the Foreign Office’s resident buffoon, one Jeremy Hunt, who is under the illusion that he would make a suitable Prime Minister, and therefore be a good soul to tell all us unruly peasant types around the place how we should behave.

In welcoming mood at the arrival of Donald Trump, and extolling his alleged virtues as leader of the free world(!), he went on to tell us that our co-operation with the USofA had seen the world experience 70 years of unprecedented peace and prosperity. Where does this guy get his imagination from?

Has he not recognised the disastrous effects on countless of millions of innocent people around the Middle East following the illegal activities of the USA, ably backed up by our own UK Government in, for instance Iraq, Libya and other areas? This has resulted in the creation of the Western-hating organisations whose effects have spread around the globe and caused untold misery to millions of innocent people.

This, then, is someone who should not be allowed anywhere near Number 10 in any circumstances. That also goes for all his like-minded pals in the Tory party. The sooner this motley crew are consigned to history and we get an independent Scotland with control over our own foreign affairs the better. Then we will be able to not only safeguard the conditions under which our people in Scotland live, but also to bring our influence to bear on the wider international scene and thereby help influence the wider world scene.

It is time that all talk of a “special relationship” with America was ended once and for all. Ever since, or even before, World War Two, all that America has aimed for is getting its influence to bear on every agreement around the world to its own ultimate advantage.

George M Mitchell

PERHAPS at some point during President Trump’s visit, he might like to ask his good friends Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage to explain exactly how their solution to the Northern Irish border problem would work, since I believe he has a related issue with Mexico.

I’m sure he’d be delighted to discover that rather than wasting countless billions of taxpayer dollars building another Great Wall, he could simply bulldoze the existing infrastructure and control everything online.

Andrew Innes

I REFER to the letter from Mr Edgar in yesterday’s National. While I am in general agreement with him anent the Trump visit, I find the snide comment about the Windsors irksome. Mr Edgar should surely realise that a state visit is arranged and organised by the government. A non-executive head of state, be it monarch or president, then has to host the visitor.

I very much doubt that this gauche oaf was welcome at the palace, but the sovereign as always carried out her duty.

R Mill Irving
Gifford, East Lothian

MAY has now indelibly confirmed her place in history. The woman who invited Donald Trump on a state visit.

As Trump’s “base” seems to be showing signs of shrinking, could he perhaps be persuaded to find seats on Air Force One for May, Johnson, Farage, Widdecombe and Corbyn? I’m sure Mundell would be happy to sit in the toilet. We could even throw in Phil and Liz for good measure.

Joe Cowan

JUST watched Trump’s press conference and the state visit. What a circus. What a clown. What a waste of money that could have been used to tackle poverty. And most worrying of all ... this visit has come with an NHS health warning! We need to be free of this nonsense!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus

AS long suspected, the Americans want control over the NHS as part of a US/UK trade deal. Bought and sold for Yankee gold?

J Edwards
West Lothian

RUTH Davidson seems to have gone into one of her calculated purdahs since her party’s drubbing less than a fortnight ago.

She had nothing to say about the EU, just the negative message of “no more referendums”, but that fell on deaf ears.

Her party would do well to reflect on the political reality of this.

Scotland has declared itself decisively in favour of the EU in 2016, 2017 and now in 2019, not to mention every opinion poll since 2016. It is no longer a question of “we support Remain”, but rather “how do we Remain?”.

If there is anything left in the UK worth preserving (and I doubt there is), the Tories might be better to actively promote one of the alternatives, like Scotland retaining the UK’s EU seat, or staying in the single market and customs union. But neither of these points the way forward as clearly as independence, so perhaps they should promote a radical restructuring of the UK as a loose confederation of independent nations.

Whatever they decide, “just saying no” is no longer the answer. With the “broad shoulders of the UK” leading us to a cliff-edge of either disaster or severe decline, only the die-hard few will support the idea that the UK has more to offer than an independent Scotland.

So stop burying your head in the sand, Ruthie, and wake up to reality or leave the stage.

Robert Fraser

IF Boris Johnson becomes prime minister, will the UK then be All Under One Bammer?

Alan Lawson