A SIZEABLE contingent from the English Scots for Yes group from Dumfries and Galloway will be marching in Galashiels today.

English Scots for Yes regional organiser John Schofield has welcomed the fact that English people from across the region will be marching in the All Under One Banner event in Galashiels.

He said: “English-born Scots have been present on all the previous independence marches and have been very, very warmly welcomed by all present.

“This, of course, dispels any myths that the Yes movement is anti-English. It isn’t. It is purely about who runs Scotland, Westminster or Holyrood.”

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Schofield continued: “All the previous marches have been fantastic, family friendly days, with people of all ages, including prams and dogs.

“The Glasgow AUOB 2019 march last month was a very inclusive event with many EU citizens and also English Scots, Welsh Scots, American Scots, Pensioners for Yes, LGBT groups, England football tops and Crosses of St George being flown, all attending in their own free time, at their own expense and all demonstrating their support for independence, and a second Scottish referendum.”

Border is hot topic at independence rally

A NEW campaign called Let’s Talk About The Border will be launched today at the All Under One Banner march and rally for independence in Galashiels.  The Scotland’s Gateways group came into being with the thought “win over the border regions, and we win Scotland”.

Their spokesperson, Sharon Kinning, told The National: “Like most others, Yes campaigners across the far south of Scotland raked over the reasons why we lost the 2014 referendum.  “For us, the mainstream media’s lies about the Border were a major influence to the No result.  “The Border, and all its accompanying issues were, and still are, largely glossed over by all pro-independence players.  “Who better to tackle the Border, than those who live with it every day?”

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After many months of research and discussion, Scottish Gateways is now launching its crowdfunder this Saturday, with a stall at the Galashiels AUOB march.  It plans to distribute Let’s Talk About The Border packs, to active Yes groups near the Border, as a resource to debunk the myths about the Border.  Kinning added: “The truth about what might happen to the border in the future, has been missing from all sides in recent years.  “People need this resource, both to understand how our border works now and how it can work in the future.  “There will be opportunities and benefits of being close to a border.  “No-one else seems to be prepared to tackle this, so we decided that the people who are most affected, are also best placed to look for real answers.”

Approximately 100,000 people were present at the Glasgow march and Schofield thinks the economic boost to an area from AUOB should be highlighted.

He said: “A huge boost will also be given to local business with up to 10,000 people expected to attend, and the march will ensure a great deal of free advertising for Galashiels. Dumfries and Galloway English Scots will also be running a street stall in Galashiels in the morning to meet as many locals as possible.”

The best of the rest Yes movement events

IT might seem that everything in the Yes movement is happening in Galashiels this weekend, but there is also plenty going on in Edinburgh, too.  Yes Marchmont and Morningside have revealed their plans for this year’s Meadows Festival on Saturday and Sunday, and even those independence activists going to Galashiels on Saturday will be able to go along and show support.

A spokesperson for Yes Marchmont and Morningside told us: “We will have a stall both days of the Festival and Edinburgh Women for Independence and Pensioners for Independence will be joining us, as in past years. We’ll be flying flags, so should be visible from afar.

“At 11am on Saturday we’ll get a visit from cartoonist Chris Cairns. He’s apparently sold out of books, but if you already have one of his and would like to get it signed, then bring it along.

“At 1pm on Sunday we’ll be serenaded by the Aye Notes band of troubadours, who have suggested that some of us might then tag along and leaflet people in their wake.

He added: “Let’s celebrate the highest-ever votes for the SNP and Scottish Greens in a European election, and drive the point home: Westminster is broken, it’s time for independence.”

Also in the capital, Yes Edinburgh West are holding another of their regular events on Tuesday, June 4, at 7pm in the Clermiston Inn function suite – that’s EH4 7EG for the satnav.

This time the topic is Public Finances in an Independent Scotland, with Craig Dalzell as main speaker, after which there will be a question and answer session.

There’s also advance notice of Yes Edinburgh North and Leith holding an event Independence Visions – Currency on Wednesday, June 12 from 7pm to 9pm at Papillon, 84 Commercial Street, Leith.

It’s a hot topic at present, so this is an opportunity to put in your own tuppence worth.