THE latest All Under One Banner march and rally for independence will take place in Galashiels later today, and it marks a significant moment for AUOB as it is their first outing to the Scottish Borders Council area.

Marchers will gather at Scott Park, setting off at 1.30pm sharp, and march via the town centre back to the park where the rally will be held with a full line-up of entertainers and speakers ready for the afternoon.

Manny Singh, director of operations for AUOB, told The National: “This Saturday will see us head to the heart of the Borders – Galashiels.

“It is crucially important for the whole of Scotland’s supporters of independence to turn up to Galashiels, which is at the heart of an area that predominantly voted No in 2014, so that we can show them and the rest of Scotland that we have been, we can, and we will be independent.

“Sajid Javid earlier this week, along with many other Conservative and Unionist puppets of the Westminster oligarchs, came out shouting and stating that there is no way Scotland will be permitted another independence referendum. He obviously hasn’t seen AUOB yet. We have a message for you – watch this space Sajid.”

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Singh feels the European election result will boost turnout today, though he is more realistically worried about the weather forecast.

He said: “It is ironic watching all of those Conservatives scramble for publicity in their quest to fill Theresa May’s leopardskin heels, and glossing over the fact that they were thrashed at the EU elections. The fact is that the SNP factually are the top performing party with a 38% return. You won’t see that in the mainstream media nor will it be talked about down south.

“Sajid and his ilk want the public to believe that Scotland ‘needs’ permission to govern our own country.

“We are a sovereign nation. What they forget is that the people of Scotland will decide their future and not them sitting in London or those who work for Westminster in Scotland who sold out themselves and Scotland long ago.”

The march has been set up with the co-operation of many organisations. Singh said: “I personally would like to thank Scottish Borders Council and all other participating bodies involved, including Police Scotland and the emergency services who have worked alongside me in a professional and collaborative manner to ensure that this march can run smoothly with the participants, safety at the forefront.

“I am delighted to announce full permission has been granted by the Scottish Borders Council.

“Also a special thanks to ScotRail, who have also contributed in the negotiations and planning, alongside Scottish Borders Council and ourselves in arranging extra carriages – to ensure our patriots can travel and come from all over Scotland to attend.

“Galashiels is one of my favourite towns in the Borders. The drive down from Glasgow is second to none!

“Local Yes groups and individuals contacted us as soon as Gala was announced in our 2019 line-up. Local input from Graham Jones and his team’s local knowledge has certainly played a huge part in such a significantly smooth operation. Their involvement has been outstanding.”

Singh concluded: “Thank you to all the AUOB National Executive who have been working behind the scenes. Come on Scotland, let us march, and do it for independence.”