THE LibDems would win a General Election if one was held tomorrow, according to a shock new poll.

After coming second in the European elections, a YouGov poll for The Times –which did not include the SNP and Plaid Cymru – suggested its popularity has increased even further.

The LibDems were on 24%, ahead of the Brexit Party on 22% and the Tories and Labour neck and neck on 19%, with the Greens on 8%.

Nigel Farage was among 29 Brexit Party candidates to claim a seat, while the LibDems won 16.

Labour won 10 seats, down from 20 in 2014, while the Tories slumped from 19 to just four in what was seen as a widespread rejection of their chaotic approach to Brexit.

It is the first time the Lib Dems have been in the top spot in a question on how people will vote in a general election since the heady days of Nick Clegg's popularity in 2010.

But YouGov's Chris Curtis cautioned against the LibDems getting too carried away with the bounce they have enjoyed since the European elections.

He said: "The Cleggmania of 2010 faded fast, with the party falling back in the final weeks of the campaign and ending up with just 1% more of the vote than they had won five years prior."

Jo Swinson told Radio 4's Today programme: "There's clearly an appetite for the liberal values we stand for.

"There's a huge job to build and grow that wider liberal movement and that's what I'm determined to do and that's why I'm running to be leader of the Lib Dems."

YouGov surveyed 1736 British adults on May 28-29.