PROGRESS Scotland is to take the pro-independence message on tour across Scotland.

Angus Robertson, director of the body, has requested the help of Yes activists in making sure their events are as effective as possible, He is urging Progress Scotland subscribers and National readers to get in touch with their postcodes, to help build a map of the optimal places to take their “mini roadshow”.

Speaking to The National, Robertson added: “There is a big demand from people interested in Progress Scotland research.

“We want to be able to tailor a series of presentations in different parts of the country to outline our findings on how views on independence are changing in Scotland.

“I’d be be grateful for Progress Scotland subscribers to reply to my email for additional contact details.

“Additionally, if there are further readers of The National who would like to support our independence research, it’s super easy to do via the website:”.

Robertson, who is a columnist for The National, also revealed that Progress Scotland was set to conduct focus groups across Scotland.

These will focus on the attitudes and opinions of those who remain undecided on the question of independence.

In the email, he writes: “We will shortly be conducting focus groups across Scotland which will allow us to dig deeper into attitudes, perceptions etc. and allow us to test what messages/policies may or may not work with voters.

“The plan for the focus groups is that it will only include participants who are genuinely undecided on the issue of independence and the participants will be recruited from Survation, the company we used to conduct our first poll.

“We will produce a short report of findings, blended with the findings from the initial survey where relevant.”