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NEIL Findlay has announced that he will quit Scottish Labour’s frontbench and said he will stand down from Holyrood in 2021.

In his resignation letter to branch office manager Richard Leonard, Findlay wrote: “This self-inflicted harm has to stop.”

Speaking of which, we’ve compiled a few of Findlay’s most memorable moments during his time at Holyrood.

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1. He kicked off 2018 with a bizarre social media post which appeared to insult Scots speakers and criticise The National.

Replying to a tweet in which Nicola Sturgeon hit back at false reports that she had ordered the Union Jack to be flown less often, Findlay said: “It luks lik Nikula wants to shut doom the nashunal.”

The post left some social media users confused about who Findlay was pretending to quote, whereas others called it "out of order" and "nonsense politics".

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2. Just a few days later, the Labour MSP posted another ill-thought out tweet which quickly attracted criticism and ridicule.

As the EU withdrawal bill made its way through the House of Lords, Findlay criticised the SNP for their "failure to nominate people to sit in that place" – despite the Labour MSP himself being opposed to the unelected second chamber.

Labour, it was pointed out, had been making pledges to scrap the House of Lords for nearly 100 years and had several chances to do so while in power.

One user tweeted: "Please. Your party abandoned the Jenkins Commission in 1999 and the Straw reforms in 2007. You have been talking the talk for decades while stuffing the Lords with cronies, not to mention “cash for peerages” 2006."

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3. By the time March came around, Findlay showed no sign that he had learned his lesson.

He did, though, have a “big idea”. It involved asking members at the Scottish Labour branch office conference for ideas which could be included in their next manifesto.

Helpfully, Twitter users chipped in. Sadly for Neil, we don't think they were the kind of 'big ideas' he was looking for.

As of yet, suggestions including Scottish independence, lessons for Labour MSPs about devolved and reserved powers and scrapping Trident have yet to be included on Labour manifestos.

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4. Having already proved his social media expertise, Findlay demonstrated his IT skills in October 2018.

Ahead of a ministerial statement on The Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions Annual Target Report, Findlay was urged to ask his party for volunteers on speaking at the event, with just one of the three slots filled.

But instead of sending the email out to his own party, Findlay accidentally sent the request out to all of Scotland’s MSPs.

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Tory MSP Edward Mountain was one of those who didn't pass up the opportunity to mock the error.

"Thanks for copying us all in on this," he wrote, "any chance I can have one of your slots as I have a good story to tell as well? Best wishes, Edward."

5. We’re not sure what Findlay’s new year’s resolutions were, but it’s probably safe to assume not making any massive emailing blunders would be fairly high up on his list of priorities. He didn’t even make it through January.

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The Labour MSP provided one of Holyrood’s all-time comedy moments when he accidentally sent his Scottish Budget speech to all Scottish ministers – allowing Finance Secretary Derek Mackay to fact-check the statement in real time.

Mackay, holding a copy of the speech, read along as Findlay spoke. "The figures are all wrong now", he said. "He can cut out the personal insults too."