The National:

STIRLING may have a Tory MP, but judging by last night's EU election result, residents might be turning their backs on the party ... 

The SNP saw a victory in the city with 38.3% of the vote - a gain of 9.4% - while the Conservatives slipped into third place, losing 7.1% of their previous support. 

For a Conservative constituency the figures are pretty grim. But, apparently, the party itself doesn't think so. According to them we should "ignore the SNP spin"!

You have to laugh.

As Nicola Sturgeon pointed out, the SNP polled at 38%, which was the highest share of the vote for any party in the UK.

Meanwhile the Tories struggled UK-wide, receiving their worst national election results ever.

Looks like the person running the Stirling Tories account just needed to create a distraction for a bit ...

If that was the case, the plan went pretty well. The response to the post was incredible. While the tweet received 42 retweets and 143 likes, it also drew 525 comments. They got *ratio-ed*.

And the responses just keep flooding in.