ANGUS Roberston has summed up why Theresa May's resignation has enhanced the case for independence

The former SNP deputy leader said the UK "is broken and failing", saying it is time for indyref2.

He tweeted: "Dear Scotland, We are now facing Boris Johnson as Prime Minister and hard Brexit despite not voting for either. Is this as good as it gets? The UK is broken and failing. It's time for Scottish independence."

In a speech outside Downing Street, the Prime Minister said she will resign on June 7.

Johnson is the favourite to be the next Prime Minister and it was previously thought he would have a tough job winning over Scottish Tories.

But senior figures in Ruth Davidson's party are reportedly softening their position.

Some senior Scottish Tories remain of the view that Johnson as prime minister would be “a gift to the SNP” and potentially the midwife of independence, with many liberal voters switching to the “Yes” side.

However, with polls suggesting a dismal result for the Tories in this week’s European elections, with many Leave voters switching to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, some Scottish Tory parliamentarians believe Johnson – the favourite of the Tory grassroots – is their best hope.

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Nicola Sturgeon echoed Roberston's statement, saying it is now crucial "Scotland is given the choice of becoming an independent country".

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Sources believe the Tory leadership contest is likely to start on June 10 after US President Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain. It is expected to last six weeks.