TODAY’S vote is the most important European election ever held in Scotland. The last three chaotic years at Westminster have been dominated by Brexit.

In all that time, Scotland’s interests have been ignored. Today if we make our voices heard, that can change.

For Scotland, the choice is a clear one. It is a chance to reaffirm our overwhelming vote to stay in Europe – the most decisive result of any nation in the UK in the 2016 referendum.

And it is an opportunity to make clear that Scotland has had enough of being ignored.

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Our overwhelming Remain vote – with every single one of our 32 local council areas voting to stay in the EU – has counted for nothing.

The Scottish Government’s compromise proposals have been ignored. Votes of the Scottish Parliament have been cast aside with no regard.

And the Tories are even using Brexit to threaten rolling back the powers of Holyrood, 20 years on from its establishment.

A vote for the SNP today will send a message to Westminster that Scotland has had enough of being ignored. It will say that Scotland demands to be heard, and for our voice to be respected.

Our approach has been to work with other parties so we can give people a final say on whether they wish to remain in the European Union or accept whatever Brexit terms are agreed by the UK Parliament.

In Scotland, the best way to bring about that outcome is to vote SNP.

Independent analysis confirms that we are by some distance the strongest pro-European party, therefore a vote for the SNP is the most effective means to ensure Remain-supporting MEPs are elected. And we know from experience that Westminster sits up and takes notice of Scotland when the SNP does well.

No-one is saying the EU is perfect. But being part of Europe is good for jobs and investment and provides much greater opportunities for young people. Let’s help to widen their horizons and give them hope for the future.

In Scotland we all cherish our well-deserved reputation of being a welcoming, inclusive nation, a country that plays our part in building a better Europe and a better world.

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Let’s remember what Brexit would entail. It would deal a devastating blow to our economy, costing jobs and hitting living standards for households and families across the country.

It would threaten the ability of the NHS and other key public services to attract and retain workers. And it would also hamper Scotland’s ability to continue to attract the migrant workers we so desperately need in the long term.

All of these threats would be magnified hugely by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. And the possibility of a no-deal outcome hasn’t gone away – in fact, the looming Tory leadership contest makes it more likely.

In their stampede to replace Theresa May, extreme Brexiteers are once again lining up to drive over the edge of the no-deal cliff in October.

Scotland now faces the nightmare prospect of Boris Johnson or another hard Brexiteer PM pandering to Nigel Farage.

But the Tories are running scared of the people of Scotland being given a say on their future, because they can see support for independence is on the rise.

Scotland’s not for Brexit – Scotland’s for Europe.

And people should vote SNP to help stop Brexit and to stop Scotland being ignored.