Unravelling the Mystery: A Big Bang Farewell, E4, 7.30pm
FOR years, The Big Bang Theory has been one of E4’s best-loved shows. Now it all comes to an end, so little wonder there’s this fitting tribute to the lives of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard, Amy and Bernadette. Fans get a guided tour through the sets; learn about the show’s best-kept backstage secrets, and watch the cast share 12 years’ worth of memories, moments and stories from The Big Bang Theory stage. Followed by the final hour-long finale.

The Secret Life of the Zoo: Underwater Special, C4, 8pm
SPECIAL edition of the documentary which focuses on the animals in Chester Zoo’s aquatic habitat. Rare blind cave fish Tiny Tim needs a love potion to help him become a father, and Popeye the chalk bass needs an urgent operation after injuring his eye in an altercation. The keepers hope to breed from Ophelia the Mexican lake salamander, of which there are only 100 females left in the world, while young penguin Frazzle needs to find a mate and settle down.

Big Animal Surgery, BBC2, 9pm
GIVEN our insatiable desire for documentaries about animals and medical procedures, there’s little wonder this three-parter was given the green light. Presenter Liz Bonnin heads for a sanctuary in South Africa, where she witnesses an operation inside the jaws of nine-year-old lion Ricci, who has severe dental problems. But what do you do when such a potentially lethal patient starts to wake up from the anaesthetic midway through?

Free Solo, C4, 9pm
VISITORS to America’s Yosemite National Park can’t help but notice the giant rock formation El Capitan. It overshadows most things in the region, and for climbers is one of those life goals. Of course, safety being paramount in many an adventurer’s mind, most people wouldn’t even think of tackling that rock face without ropes and the like. But Alex Honnold is no ordinary rock climber. In this heart-in-the-mouth documentary, he attempts the first free solo climb of the 3200ft vertical face.