NICOLA Sturgeon says the difference between her and Ruth Davidson is “I’ve got principles”.

The First Minister made the stinging comments during FMQs.

Ruth Davidson had criticised Sturgeon’s call for further referendums on independence and on Brexit.

The Scottish Conservative leader said: "This is about demanding more referendums until people are browbeaten into giving her the result that she wants.

"Isn't it the case that she is only interested in democracy when it goes her way?"

She added: "I believe that if you ask people to make a decision, if you say to people that we will enact whatever you decide, then democracy is fundamentally damaged if at the first opportunity you insist that vote is held again.

"Doesn't she see that? Doesn't she see that you shouldn't change the rules after the event?"

Nicola Sturgeon accused Scottish Tory leader of "flip-flopping".

The First Minister said: "The difference perhaps between Ruth Davidson and I is this, I've got principles and I stick to my principles.

"Ruth Davidson wouldn't recognise a principle. Ruth Davidson used to passionately oppose Brexit, now Ruth Davidson supports Brexit.

"She used to demand that we stayed in the single market, now she wants us taken out of the single market.

"And Ruth Davidson, of course, used to call Boris Johnson names that I can't repeat in this chamber – now she is cosying up to Boris Johnson, the arch-Brexiteer."

She added: "It's just a pity that flip-flopping is not an Olympic sport, because Ruth Davidson would be a guaranteed gold medal winner."