The National:

SAY what you like about our embattled Prime Minister, but she’s certainly resilient.

Having led her government to the worst parliamentary defeat of all time – a process which she seems determined to repeat in perpetuity – Theresa May has been begged to resign by opposition MPs, Cabinet members and senior Tory party figures.

In Parliament on Wednesday, Conservative MPs were conspicuous in their absence as the so-called “pizza club” of Cabinet ministers met – reportedly to plan for the May’s succession.

Later it emerged that Scottish Secretary David Mundell – another master in the art of not resigning – had requested an urgent meeting with May amid rumours one of her most loyal supporters would be the one to deal the fatal blow to her leadership.

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As evidenced by her disregard for the empty seats behind her while pleading with MPs to back her deal, the Prime Minister’s uncanny resilience seems to be forged out of an ethos of wilful ignorance – simply ignore the problem, and you won’t have to deal with it.

That’s certainly the impression given by the PM's official Twitter account.

As rumours of her resignation swirled, the UK Prime Minister profile deemed it a good time to perform what seemed to be some (woefully unrepresentative) data collection on plastic straw use.

The Tory government is awfully keen on cost-cutting – unless it comes to ferry contracts – so perhaps the tweet was a mere attempt to save the Office for National Statistics some money.

Whatever Downing Street hoped for, the post surely did not have the intended effect.

Many saw the funny side.

Others pointed out that perhaps focus would be more wisely directed elsewhere on the day that it was announced British Steel had gone into liquidation after talks with the Government – threatening thousands of job losses.

As it turns out, the tweet was not in fact a data collection exercise but instead a fun quiz!

The UK Prime Minister account revealed the answer, 4.7 billion, in a follow-up tweet which gave no impression that the original had been met with a deluge of negative responses.

As Theresa May well knows, ignorance is bliss.